Majority of inbound calls or calls made by customers to enquire about a product or service carries a potential of sales conversion.

ResourceFast’s Inbound Call Center support engages well-trained inbound call experts who provide customized sales and call support to address customers’ requirements.

Our Inbound support team are equipped with the right tools and methods which help them accurately clarify callers’ doubts and grievances by explaining product/ service features, benefits and functionalities.

Key Features of ResourceFast’s Inbound Call Support :

  • Highly customizable customer or caller support
  • Professional, polite and well-trained call handling experts
  • 24/7 inbound call services guaranteed
  • Handle post-sales or pre-sales enquiries
  • 100& customer or caller satisfaction
  • Conflict resolution over calls
  • Ensure sales conversion
  • Follow-up and fully responsive support
  • Educate customers with product or services’ details

Outbound calls or calling people who tried reaching businesses by making inbound calls is an effective way to show the customer that you care!

ResourceFast’s Outbound Calling support is different from the regular telemarketing calls. This service is created specifically to reach customers who requested for a service, call-back or enquiry from customer support.

Our Outbound calling support can be used for B2B and B2C functions to reach customers to inform about product/ service instructions, new offers, promotions, reminders, surveys or enquiry.

Key Aspects of ResourceFast’s Outbound Calling Support :

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Email/ Phone Follow-up
  • Telephonic Auditing
  • Fully Customizable Calling Support
  • Reduced Call Turnaround Time
  • Easy Scheduling of Appointments
  • 100 Percent Follow-up Guaranteed
  • Customer Assistance and Support via phone, email or video or audio channels
  • Online/Call Reminders, Cancelling and Booking Appointments

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